About Us


And your response was so overwhelming that we found ourselves right in the middle of a whole fashion movement. As you can see, there is an ever-growing line of affordable Risqué products that all essentially do the same thing: Empower women and elevate comfort. Those are our key values, so you can take charge of everything and exude confidence and style.

We proudly stand behind our essential items like…

Adhesive bras

Double-sided fashion tape

Nipple covers

Camel toe concealers

Silicone bra inserts

And more amazing items are on the way!

There’s no standard size or shape for women, there’s just you and your happiness.

Women everywhere are proudly claiming the right to feel sexy and stunning in their own skin. We cheer for every woman to have the confidence to flaunt it, whether walking into a high school reunion, into the club, at the beach, or down the aisle.